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marks/chips Homeless ElijahRadioProphet Posted: May 02 2004,10:32 ----
------ --- John Bernay wrote: Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 05:135 -0800
(PST) From: John Bernay Subject: Homeless/Jewish Extermination: then
& now To: finalsolution@...,
freighttraindomain@... Hi John, It was funny to receive
your e-mail just as I am at work on a book about anti-Semitism
(though I'm writing about anti-Semitism on the left). I do believe
you are right that there is a connection between homelessness and
Nazi genocide. Someone once showed me a translation of a speech by
Goering, I think it was, in which he touted the first concentration
camp as a jobs program in much the same way that prisons bring jobs
to American communities now. Someone called in to one of the
marathons and said that the first rationale for why the camps
were "needed" was to house homeless people, but I have not seen any
documentation of that with my own eyes. In any case, my brother has
been diagnosed as schizophrenic. I don't think he's as coherant as
you seem to be, but I'm not a big believer in labels either. It's
just a shame when you can't talk to someone you love, no matter what
the diagnosis. Good luck in your travels and your research. Nobody
(Here is REVIEW of Mr. Nobody's Book= I CALL THESE LEFT WING JEW
VEGITARIAN?? The Growing Menace of Left Wing Anti-Semitism is the
kind of CD you will want to share. You will be shocked to learn the
history of treachery perpetrated against the Jews by the liberal
left, including Jewish leftists! Jeremy Weir Alderson offers an
inside look into the reasons the left works so hard to discredit
Israel, ignoring and even distorting the liberal values of many of
its policies. To get your copy, click here. ABOUT JEREMY WEIR
ALDERSON: Jeremy Weir Alderson was a lifelong leftist until his
growing concern and disgust with left-wing anti-Semitism caused him
to publicly renounce his connection to the left. During the Vietnam
War he was a conscientious objector. He has written for Dissent, The
Progressive,Mother Jones, Covert Action Quarterly, The Columbia
Journalism Review, Parents Magazine, Harper's Bazaar and more. He
produced "The Nobody Show --Your Unabashed Voice of the Left and Left
Out" on a NPR and Pacifica affiliate, which was a controversial
success. Mr. Alderson's liberal ideals and dedication to pursuing
universal human rights and equality are inspirational, especially in
today's politically correct climate that often stifles the rights of
select groups. Mr. Alderson exposes double standards, and decries
moral relativism. Mr. Alderson's passion for truth compelling,
fearless, and even life-changing. To find out more about booking
Jeremy Weir Alderson e-mail crs@.... ] John Bernay wrote:
Well, that was the Email that Zach Dryden in Arkansas sent it
must have been heard in Arkansas. He still hasn't answered my quirey
as to what show, what station, etc. I saw in a short google search
you were going to( or has) done the MARATHON from TORONTO.(?) well, I
was homeless in Toronto- 2000, I loved Toronto. I have to get on the
road- just got .00 Gasoline Vouchers from St. Vincent dePaul here
(phoenix) to get to Springfield, Missouri (where I have work
waiting.) .00 will not get me 400 miles, BUT it's a HELP! I still
maintain, adamantly with absolute certitude, based upon study of
HOMELESS/HOBOES and other "useless eaters" shall be a REAL PART of
the "War on Terrorism," under Geo. W. Bush. After all HE (Bush-
Geo.Bush, ) is A BLOODLINE NAZI, his Grandfather, PRESCOTT BUSH, was
indited for TRADING WITH THE ENEMY in 1943 or 4, BUSH was a MAJOR
FACILITATOR in MONEY LAUNDRYING for the Nazi Regiem. Henry Ford,
Standard Oil, FDR among others took ACTIVE MONETARY ROLES in the
Holocaust, FDR dragged his feet on D-Day until his cohersion caused
the first ATOMIC BOMB to be created, by JEWISH SCIENTISTS, Albert
Einstien, et al: they SOUGHT TO SAVE OUR PEOPLE( Beth Israel!, but
Truman USED it on "non-whites:" to wit: the Japaneese. 6,000,000
million Jews COULD HAVE BEEN SAVED had ROOSEVELT not wanted "the
Manhatten project" finished. He would HAVE HIS WAY ...damn the
collaterial damage, full speed ahead." The POINT? The Anti-Semite
mind can NOT flinch at GENOCIDE, and YOU can see the HATRED now
DIRECTED against the POOR, HOMELESS, and RailRoad Riders. WE, the
SYSTEM of DEATH CAMPS (FEMA) already in existance & CALLED FOR in the
GLOBAL 2000 REPORT, in Rio, 1989, SIGNED by JIMMY CARTER then
president of USA. Calling for ELIMINATION of USELESS EATERS to the
tune of 80% of World Population, BY 2035. Yahweh has GIVEN ME this
OFFICE & raison d'ete for LIVING. To spread this MONSTERIOUS REALITY.
Every> now & then I find ASSONANCE, I find RECEPTIVE EARS and
ENLIGHTENED EYES. Usually I am called bad names, or worse, a fool.
(God shall judge such) BUT MY BELIEFS were HONED by Dr. John
Hirshburg.MD a Psychiatrist, MY Rebbe, a SURVIVOUR of the CAMPS. HE
HELPED ME OVERCOME the STIGMA of "schizophrenia." He called
diagnostic labels "bullshit." Gotta go, Shalom. John UPDATE FROM THE
FIELD Homeless Marathon Sends Message from the Cold The Seventh
Annual Homelessness Marathon will take to the airwaves for 14 hours
of talk and information about homelessness starting at 7 pm EST on
February 12. Originating from Cleveland, OH, the Marathon will be
broadcast on stations around the country and on the web until 9 am
EST on February 13. The brainchild and continuing project of Jeremy
Weir Alderson, a radio show host known as “Nobody,†the
Homelessness Marathon has crisscrossed the country since its
inception. The first Marathon was broadcast from Geneva, NY, in 1998.
Since then, Marathons have been broadcast from Philadelphia;
Champaign, IL; Cambridge, MA; Portland, OR; and Portland, ME. The
participating stations have grown from seven for the Philadelphia
broadcast to approximately 80 stations this year. A parallel Canadian
marathon will be heard on 30 stations in that country, with an hour
of joint broadcast with the American show. The Marathon has some
trademark elements that have carried through from year to year. It is
broadcast from out of doors, during the winter, to emphasize the
experience of people without homes. The Marathon is a national call-
in show with a toll-free number. There are no financial solicitations
during the broadcast, the show is offered free of charge to non-
commercial radio stations around the country, and the organizers are
all volunteers. The hosts of the Marathon, including Mr. Alderson,
are joined over the course of the broadcast by several cohosts. This
year, cohosts will include Cheri Honkala of the Kensington Welfare
Rights Union, Donald Whitehead of the National Coalition for the
Homeless, and Walter Schmid, a social welfare activist in
Switzerland. There will be a discussion of NIMYBism with Rebecca
Troth of National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, and Sister
Donna Hawk, who runs a transitional housing program. In addition, the
Marathon will include panel discussions with homeless veterans and
with homeless mothers from the Cleveland area. Mr. Alderson says he
began the Marathon out of personal concern about homelessness and the
belief that the American people want to see the problem solved. “I
really think we have to change the entire way we look at the issue of
homelessness,†he said. “We are not asking for enough, because we
need tens of billions of dollars. After 20 years of cuts and people
sleeping on the street, we should realize that the situation is
unacceptable and we need to take a different approach.†For more
information: Jeremy Weir Alderson, 877-NOBODY-8 (662-6398),
radio@..., Acclaim for the
2nd Annual (1999) • 3rd Annual (2000) • 4th Annual (2001) • 5th
Annual (2002) • 6th Annual (2003) • 7th Annual (2004) A FEW WORDS
Cleveland, Ohio "I really enjoyed your marathon. It kept me awake all
through the night, not because I was afraid the sound would cut off
and I'd have dead air but because you had so much great information
and interviews set-up on this issue of homelessness. I wondered how
you were going to fill 14 hours but it turned out there are so many
connections to other things you could have probably gone another 14.
What you put together is greatly appreciated and so important."
Marianne Knorzer, GM, KRBS, Oroville, CA "Thank you for your efforts
in bringing greater awareness to the general public regarding
homelessness issues. This is the first I have ever heard of the
Marathon, and I was BLOWN AWAY to hear it on the radio. You have no
idea... to really hear myself represented in such an honest way was
like a re-birth of some kind. I felt validated as a human being, and
that's something that occurs very seldom among the homeless. Again,
THANK YOU. "You repeated several times that one of the goals of the
Marathon was to open up a dialogue about homeless issues. I guess I
felt like it was more of a conversation, and I was wanting to
participate in it in more of an ongoing fashion, so I called several
times. Thank you for not silencing me, even as a repeat caller. Each
guest you presented brought a unique perspective to the issues, and I
could identify with every one of them. Not only did my cloak of
invisibility drop for a time, but I felt a part of something... a
movement, a step in the right direction. " No one is going to solve
the problem in one night, but you gave us a voice. And that's an
important thing. Keep the fire burning. I'll be listening for you
next year." Carrie (in California) "I thought it was great - it
provided an opportunity for homeless and formerly homeless people to
discuss the experience and as important, for housed people to hear
and better understand this phenomenon -- ultimately building
awareness and political will to deal with the shortage of affordable
housing and the imperative to meet the housing needs of all people."
Ruth Gillett, Program Manager Cleveland/Cuyahoga County Office of
Homeless Services "The Marathon generated more interest and
conversation than I would ever have imagined. I think that it got
folks thinking about the issue in renewed ways. Locally it helped to
put a face on the generic" homelessness." There was also a great deal
of spark from hearing from other parts of the country. Blessings on
your work." Sister Donna Hawk, director Transitional Housing, Inc.,
Cleveland, OH The Growing Menace of Left Wing Anti-Semitism ----------
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Posts: 14 Joined: June 19 2003 Posted: May 02 2004,9:56 --------------
hobojoanna · elijahradioprophet@... My Groups
finalsolutionforum · the FINAL SOLUTION group. Group Owner
Description Category: Homelessness THE MURDER TRAIN Every year, tens
of thousands jump train boxcars to catch a free ride along the rails
inside an empty car. But while the freedom of the rails may carry its
thrills, it also caters to killers on the run. Over the past two
decades, a gang known as the Freight Train Riders of America has
emerged from the boxcars and freight yards crisscrossing the country.
Police suspect the gang, which is concentrated in the Pacific
Northwest, may be responsible for hundreds of assaults, thefts and
murders along rail lines in the past 20 years. With the NEW OUTLOOK
to SURVIVAL, we as 'street-people', 'hoboes,' 'homeless' or whatever,
SOLUTION"= Social Cleansing, or EXTERMINATION of PARASITES from the
human race; the GLOBAL 200 REPORT called us "USELESS EATERS!" I am
GENOCIDE against HUMAN BEINGS! And, you will be surprised, OUR OWN
GOVERNMENT IS THE MOST ADAMANT proponent of this 4th. Reich
Programme! the FINAL SOLUTION group at YAHOO -------------------------
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post to a moderator ElijahRadioProphet Group: Members Posts: 14
Joined: June 19 2003 Posted: May 02 2004,9:44 ------------------------
-------------------------------------------------------- I have been
PREACHING this for 20+ years!!!!You ALL have HEARD me, on the air,
WITH LEE, at 1420KCs & at 1340KCs before! YOU SAID I WAS CRAZY! Well,
HERE IS MY VINDICATION! I ain't happy.... Final solution to the hobo
question? All of this concern for about safety rhetoric is being used
to rationalize an extremely cruel attack on the homeless by another
powerful element involved in this issue. There are some very greedy
people who own land near train yards that want to rid their areas of
the homeless so they can increase property values. Businesses that
think that if there were no tramps to be seen on the streets that
more yuppies would shop at their stores. We are talking about mean,
cruel, hateful, greedy, selfish people who sue homeless shelters that
feed starving homeless people as a nuisance. These are the same
people who want to portray all homeless transient as dangerous racist
serial killers. They don't like it when anyone puts up a true picture
of this population on the internet. Greedy hobophobic types call
this "romanticizing". They are so afraid that people might feel sorry
for the friendly fun loving homeless hobos once pictured on North
Bank Fred's and Sahara George's now defunked web pages. They don't
want any one to think that the people they want to root out are human
beings. The only image that they want to allow is one of dangerous
sub human monsters. Tramps don't need or want main stream publicity.
People who are asking for even more government money to combat the
problems they themselves are unwittingly causing are the ones that
need publicity. Even worse tramp-hating people are not above creating
publicity about train hopping web pages, to lure children who would
never have suspected that this sort of information existed with out
their publicity. Then when some of these kids, that are lured by the
tramp haters get killed, they will say, see we need tougher laws so
that we can #### with the homeless more effectively. We don't really
care that tougher laws will endanger kids who will take chances not
to get caught, we want tougher laws to vigorously enforce our anti-
hobo polices. So the railroads wanting to be "good neighbors" sign
letters of understanding with these evil tramp haters to work with
the city cops to rid their city of homeless, but with almost every
city doing this what is really happening is that we are simply
putting more and more of these "homeless mentally ill", people into
jails and prisons for made up petty crimes. They have no place else
to go. So we put them into jail because we are concerned with their
safety and well being? You know what else, I think that the rail
roads are going to be real sorry that they worked with these
evil "neighbors" to drive the homeless from their former refuge on
rail road property. Property values will go up and these yuppies who
don't want to live around tramps will move in right next door to the
rail roads replacing the old friendly care free fun loving hobos who
used to live by the tracks, that never complained about anything. So
next the rail roads want to haul some sulfuric acid, nuclear waste,
or Napalm. Back when tramps used to live down by the tracks and
people who did not want to live where tramps lived, stayed some where
else, there was little or no protest. None of the care free fun
loving hobos never complained. Hey UP and BNSF listen up! You are
getting into bed with some really greedy and selfish yuppies, and no
matter what you do for them they will never be your friends or love
you the way the tramps loved the old SP and Great Northern. Think
that these assholes that are suing the rescue missions as a nuisance
are going to be grateful when you exterminate the transients for
them? #### no, they will not be greatful, more and more of them are
gong to move in right next door to you. They are going to constantly
bitch and moan! I can almost hear it now! "On can you please not
switch cars at night it makes to much noise?" "Can you please put
emission controls on those locomotives they smell bad?" "Can you
please run the hasmat stuff through a different town, our nice clean
yuppie infested city does not want that in our back yards?" "Heck" I
can hear the yuppies say, "we would not even live in an area that was
crawling with rail road tramps. What, you think were going to put up
with a train with Nukes or hasmats on it going through our nice clean
little Yuppie high rent district?" "How could you think that, when we
would not even put up with a train with tramps on it?" Yup when all
the tramps are gone you will be hearing this sad song. "We only moved
in when the fun loving hobos were driven away. If we will not put up
with living some place where we might see an unsightly tramp, why
should we put up with a operating rail road in out back yard?" FINAL
the NAZI 4th. REICH/NEW WORLD ORDER plans to GEAR UP the 21st.
Century HOLOCAUST with WE, THE HOMELESS, under the control of FEMA,
STUDY/Yeshiva Educated/Rabbi Jochannan ben Israel Bernays, the
Railroad Rabbi, the Hebrew Hobo, +++the ELIJAH RADIO
Webpage: HOMELESS ANNIHILATION! TYPOLOGY=Gypsies; asocials; hoboes;
etc....NOW called Homeless, et al MY several websites
(finalsolutionforum.yahoogroups.) (finalsolution:extermination of
homeless. ) and others I am trying to build, but having no computer
makes it tough... THE MAIN THING, ++++++NO ONE REALLY CARES!
+++++++++++ America is in WORSE moral decay than 1934 Germany was-
AMERICA is in the pre-Constintinian HEDONISTIC-WORSHIPPING of
GOREY,BLOODY, ROMAN GAMES (cf. Daniel Mannix: Those Who are about to
Die Salute You. " the CRITICAL EXAMINATION of the GAMES of ROME,
etc.) Being ON THE STREETS daily, traveling ALL AMERICA, I can tell
DESTROYED this nation. Of course, as HaShem told EZEKIEL: "You shall
SPEAK the words I tell you to unto them, wether they hear or weather
they forbear, yet they shall know their has been a prophet anong
them>ME" Yahweh Elohim told me to say THUSLY: "I sent you ABRAHAM,
ISAAC & JACOB, Daniel, Isaiah, and the Others, MEN OF UPSTANDING
MORALITY, you Killed them, I then sent MINE OWN SON & you CURSED,
CONVICT JEWISH ZEALOT, and He/She KNOWS you will NOT accept Him/Her,
d'Arc.....ELIJAH RADIO PROPHET. Very good! You are one of those
people that we could just agree to disagree with and in the end be
friends. However I do think you run with the wrong crowd. "Young
enough not to care too much, about the way things used to be. I'm
young enough to remember the future, the past has no claim on me. I'm
old enough not to care too much, about what you think of me. But I'm
young enough to remember the future, the way things ought to be!" ----
---------- You know we're havin' good days - and hope they're gonna
last. Our future still looks brighter than our past! Feel no need to
worry, or reason to be sad. Our memories remind us - maybe road lifes
not so bad. ----------------------------------------------------------
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Group: Members Posts: 97 Joined: Mar. 15 2004 Posted: April 29
2004,7:10 ------------------------------------------------------------
-------------------- Lord, Remove the evil veil that blinds those who
rush in and cry from the hangups in their corrupted minds. Amen ------
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299 Joined: Nov. 18 2002 Posted: April 29 2004,12:52 -----------------
--------------------------------------------------------------- ------
-------- You know we're havin' good days - and hope they're gonna
last. Our future still looks brighter than our past! Feel no need to
worry, or reason to be sad. Our memories remind us - maybe road lifes
not so bad. ----------------------------------------------------------
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Group: Members Posts: 76 Joined: Mar. 31 2003 Posted: April 29
2004,12:25 -----------------------------------------------------------
--------------------- After I posted this I got to thinking about how
many people I know (myself included) that are 3-4 paychecks away from
being homeless. With the price of everything going up and salaries
staying the same I can see things getting a lot worse. We have four
children to feed and keep a roof over their heads. After all is said
and done we don't have a dime saved . It seems to me that there will
be alot more homeless people in our future.....Oh by the way Hang,God
did not gave us a spirit of fear(1chr.28:20,Psalms27:3, psalms
118:6,Matthew 10:26-28&31) and I can go on and on . I still believe
the truth will set me free and I will not be silenced by anyone! I'm
not getting on the truck! Bring it on!! Give me liberty or give me
death! I do not fear death because to me it means life
everlasting..... -------------- The world is a dangerous place, not
because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do
nothing.... : Albert Einstein ----------------------------------------
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moderator hangman ----------------------------------------------------
---------------------------- Spreading truth could get you in
trouble, girlfriend. The ministry of truth is on patrol here. The 3
stooges are trying to help the goobermint in locating me for the same
thing. Boy, I always thought the truth will set you free. These
chips, how long before they demand everybody gets at least one? I
don't think I'll be waiting for it. I think they can tweak these
things until they can control a person like the radio operated toys
and gadgets of today. Imagine the evil behind the desire to control
at this level. -------------------------------------------------------
------------------------- And they'll still call us paranoid.... HUD Marks/Chips Homeless
by posted by LPJ Tuesday, Apr. 06, 2004 at 3:39 PM WASHINGTON (UPI) --
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said Thursday that
it was about to begin testing a new technology designed to help more
closely monitor and assist the nation's homeless population.Under the
pilot program, which grew out of a series of policy academies held in
the last two years, homeless people in participating cities will be
implanted with mandatory Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags
that social workers and police can use track their movements.
WASHINGTON (UPI) -- The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
said Thursday that it was about to begin testing a new technology
designed to help more closely monitor and assist the nation's
homeless population.Under the pilot program, which grew out of a
series of policy academies held in the last two years, homeless
people in participating cities will be implanted with mandatory Radio
Frequency Identification (RFID) tags that social workers and police
can use track their movements. The RFID technology was developed by
HHS' Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) in
partnership with five states, including California and New
York. "This is a rare opportunity to use advanced technology to meet
society's dual objectives of better serving our homeless population
while making our cities safer," HRSA Administrator Betty James Duke
said. The miniscule RFID tags are no larger than a matchstick and
will be implanted subdermally, meaning under the skin. Data from RFID
tracking stations mounted on telephone poles will be transmitted to
police and social service workers, who will use custom Windows NT
software to track movements of the homeless in real time.In what has
become a chronic social problem, people living in shelters and on the
streets do not seek adequate medical care and frequently contribute
to the rising crime rate in major cities. Supporters of subdermal
RFID tracking say the technology will discourage implanted homeless
men and women from committing crimes, while making it easier for
government workers to provide social services such as delivering food
and medicine.Duke called the RFID tagging pilot program "a high-tech,
minimally-intrusive way for the government to lift our citizens away
from the twin perils of poverty and crime." Participating cities
include New York City, San Francisco, Washington, and Bethlehem,
Penn. Participating states will receive grants of million to million
from the federal Projects for Assistance in Transition from
Homelessness (PATH) program, which was created under the McKinney Act
to fund support services for the homeless. A second phase of the
project, scheduled to be completed in early 2005, will wirelessly
transmit live information on the locations of homeless people to
handheld computers running the Windows CE operating system.A
spokesman for the National Coalition for the Homeless, which
estimates that there are between 2.3 million and 3.5 million people
experiencing homelessness nationwide, said the pilot program could be
easily abused. "We have expressed our tentative support for the idea
to HRSA, but only if it includes privacy safeguards," the spokesman
said. "So far it's unclear whether those safeguards will actually be
in place by roll-out."Chris Hoofnagle, deputy director of the
Electronic Privacy Information Center, said the mandatory RFID
program would be vulnerable to a legal challenge. "It is a glaring
violation of the Tenth Amendment, which says that powers not awarded
to the government are reserved to the people, and homeless people
have just as many Tenth Amendment rights as everyone else," said
Hoofnagle, who is speaking about homeless privacy at this month's
Computers Freedom and Privacy conference in Berkeley, Calif. UD
Marks/Chips Homeless by posted by LPJ Tuesday, Apr. 06, 2004 at 3:39
PM WASHINGTON (UPI) -- The U.S. Department of Health and Human
Services said Thursday that it was about to begin testing a new
technology designed to help more closely monitor and assist the
nation's homeless population.Under the pilot program, which grew out
of a series of policy academies held in the last two years, homeless
people in participating cities will be implanted with mandatory Radio
Frequency Identification (RFID) tags that social workers and police
can use track their movements. WASHINGTON (UPI) -- The U.S.
Department of Health and Human Services said Thursday that it was
about to begin testing a new technology designed to help more closely
monitor and assist the nation's homeless population.Under the pilot
program, which grew out of a series of policy academies held in the
last two years, homeless people in participating cities